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    App funcionalities

    Everybody knows the system: Clients order food from their home, office or anywhere else and have it delivered to their location.
    Clients order food to take-away. FastOrder saves you the trouble of standing in line when you pick up. Use the app, order, go to the restaurant to pick up and pay.
    Clients can order from the menu at the restaurant. The App minimizes contact between clients and staff and helps the service to get food and drink faster to the clients. An all-around win!
    Users of order at the table order on average 21% more than non-users.

    We’re currently working on a Complete Solution for Restaurant and Bars. Coming Soon!

    Restaurant Partners

    What you get with Delivery and Take-Away:

    1. Window/door sticker

    2. Delivery and Take-Away menu on the App

    3. You can change your menu at any time yourself

    4. No set up or installation fees

    5. Lowest commissions of the market from 9%/ order

    6. No additional fees

    Please contact us for our Order at the Table offers, tailor-made to your restaurant.

    fastorder restaurant table booking pre order your food

    fastorder restaurant table booking pre order your food

    What we do for you:

    FastOrder is working on the only complete solution for you to get the number of orders you wish to have. Why have 3 or even 4 different apps and websites to order from when FastOrder has it all in one app, from fast-food to high-end dining?
    We promise to work hard, to make our product better and cheaper for you. Our competitive pricing has shown that if restaurants get their clients on the App, they can increase their orders and have loyal returning customers. We support local companies in our areas and try to help them be successful.

    fastorder food delivery straight to your door


    Because FastOrder is a 100% software/app solution and no hardware, is it not fitted with printers that take up space on your table.

    All it takes for the restaurant is a tablet or a computer with internet access. Then you can start getting your first orders, and you can change everything in one second.

    No more wasting time trying to make changes in your menu and waiting for approval: You change your menu and prices on your time. If you run out of pizza number 3 on your menu, now it’s only 2 clicks away to remove it from the app or put it back on when you have it again.

    Should the Spanish sun make it too hot in the summer and everyone is looking for water, 2 clicks and your price can go up or down as you wish.
    In other words, no more waiting time to change your menu, no more angry clients that can’t get what they see on the menu.

    Our goal is to offer a complete solution at competitive prices

    FastOrder is a Spanish company started in 2018 on the Costa del Sol. Our complete solution is here to change the way people order food, and restaurants serve their guests.

    We offer very low commissions that allow restaurants to benefit from delivery and take-away the way they should. We are working hard to be able to offer a complete solution very soon. If you’re interested in seeing how FastOrder works, download the App.

    From the moment the contract is signed, depending on how big your menu is, the installation can take up to 7 days.

    Cash or card. FastOrder offers users payment by card if the location wishes and agrees to send the PoS device with the supplier to the customer’s address.

    FastOrder collaborates for Delivery with locations that make their own deliveries, so there are several advantages for you and the customer, such as: the food arrives faster because you no longer have to wait for an outside supplier. For locations that currently do not have hired suppliers, FastOrder offers the Pick-up and Table Order service.

    A tablet with Android 5 minimum, Ipad or a laptop with internet connection.

    FastWaiter, the restaurant application can be accessed to check the order history, activate and deactivate products, read the analysis of orders on past periods but it is not recommended to confirm orders due to the small screen size on Android. Fast Waiter does not work on iPhone.t.

    The FastOrder contracting team works to have all the restaurants in your city on a single platform, customers will appreciate that they save time without searching online to consult the menu and call the restaurant.

    Apart from the experience on the market for over 3 years, FastOrder has a professional marketing team and much larger resources for advertising budgets, so we retain the customer with the locations in the city, being always visible.

    Our marketing team carries out non-stop campaigns to promote the application. These ads are focused on the cities where FastOrder is present so we can be visible on all social networks (Google, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube), we publish daily posts in as many local groups on Facebook, we post posters, we bring leaflets, we stick on the door and on the delivery machines stickers with FastOrder or with a design created in partnership with the location. FastOrder sends notifications to customers with special offers, events and new products from your location to all those who have installed the application on your phone.

    fastorder restaurant food ordering application book your table

    Hungry for more info?

    Download the FastOrder app
    and see how it works



    fastorder Pide tu comida antes de salir de casa y estará listo en cuanto llegues a tu restaurante favorito

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